Corporations & Foundations

Hilbert College's Office of Institutional Advancement is committed to cultivating and maintaining relationships with local, regional and national corporations and foundations to support projects consistent with the college's mission and priorities.

Areas to Fund
Corporations and foundations fund many of the same programs that interest our individual donors, such as scholarships, building construction and maintenance, special academic projects and classroom support, research studies, and internship stipends. In addition, support from corporations and foundations takes many forms, including cash, equipment and instruments, software to upgrade teaching and lab facilities, or gifts-in-kind.

Benefits of Your Support
Your partnership with Hilbert will:

  • Allow us to continue offering excellent programs in the face of funding challenges.
  • Assure that our programs continue to be top quality.
  • Assist in preparing our students for successful careers in their chosen fields.

Additionally, through corporate relations, we can use our assets to address the needs of our corporate partners. Some ways we have supported our corporate partners in the past is through recruitment and hiring, internships, and faculty expertise.