G.O.L.D. Giving

Hilbert College's current GOLD giving alumni contain some of the best up-and-coming business minds, law enforcement leaders and human services advocates in Western New York. They are also graduates who have benefitted from the most recent improvements in academic program offerings, classroom resources and technology upgrades. GOLD previously stood for (Graduates of the Last Decade), but the program has been expanded to include all Hilbert grads.

GOLD alumni are those who have chosen to give back to their alma mater's community via the Hilbert Fund and support current students, just as they have been supported by alumni before them. GOLD alumni can make a gift to the Hilbert Fund in connection with their class year in order to qualify as a representative of their class. What does representation warrant? Plenty ...

How about a relationship with your own gift officer (Daniel Wentz, Annual Fund Director ... 716-926-8884)

Opportunities to visit campus and receive a first-hand tour

Prospects to visit a class or conduct a workshop for current students (perhaps even speak at a campus event)

2009 = $20.09
2010 = $20.10
2011 = $20.11
2012 = $20.12
2013 = $20.13
2014 = $20.14
2015 = $20.15
2016 = $20.16
2017 = $20.17
2018 = $20.18

Annual gifts to the Hilbert Fund help secure transformational college experiences for our students by supporting tuition assistance through scholarships, and academic excellence via the best resources available. Your gifts also sponsor our sports teams, and miscellaneous student activities (I.E. clubs and career workshops).

G.O.L.D. Giving encourages our alumni to support current students who are now in the seats in which they occupied not long ago, while proliferating support of Hilbert College's mission to help students become informed citizens committed to strengthening their communities.

You can learn more about the different ways your gift can make an impact through the many areas supported by the Hilbert Fund.