Alumni Spotlight

Caitlin Queen '15

Caitlin Queen '15        

“Hilbert is its own little community where almost everyone knows each other and to me, it doesn’t get much more ‘homey’ than that.” - Caitlin Queen, Class of 2015.

The news is filled with stories of recent college graduates struggling to get out in front of their student loan debt. Sky-high payments plus an entry-level job isn’t an equation that sets bright, energetic young adults on a path toward success.

And yet, according to Blackbaud – a company that creates software specifically for not-for-profit fundraising, millennials are responsible for 11 percent of total giving in the U.S. 60 percent of millennials give back in some way, either monetary or through volunteering.

The millennial generation is transforming philanthropy. And the world is taking notice.

Despite the obstacles recent graduates face that make it difficult to give back, Caitlin Queen was determined to find a way to give back to Hilbert, her alma mater. She participated in the annual Phon-a-thon in order to repay some of what she received from Hilbert.

“Scholarships are such a major part of Hilbert. As a recipient of one, I was thankful that someone was willing to donate to scholarship funds for students,” Caitlin said.

Scholarships are crucial to easing the financial burden placed on students and allowing them to focus instead on making the most of the educational opportunities presented.

“In my mind, I hope my donation helps students have a wonderful experience at Hilbert, and that by giving back I am helping Hilbert give the same opportunities I had to current students.”

Young alumni like Caitlin are leading the charge to ensure Hilbert’s mission and legacy continue and that future students are able to receive a quality education.

Thanks in part to the scholarship she received, Caitlin was able to graduate from Hilbert with no student loans. She currently works as a human resources administrator at Blue Bridge Financial, LLC.

Caitlin believes that the key to finding continued success in her future is to never settle for complacency. By maintaining a strong relationship with Hilbert College after graduation, she’s giving back to the community that gave her the tools she needed to make a strong start after graduation.

“Hilbert is the place that helped me become who I am today. It’s important to remember who has helped you along the way, because you didn’t get that dream job or big promotion without a little help from Hilbert.”

With graduates like Caitlin passing the torch of opportunity by giving back to future students, Hilbert’s strong legacy shows no sign of wavering anytime soon. 

Caitlin’s story is a great example of the benefits of giving back. Even small gifts can go a long way toward building a brighter future.

Financial gifts go directly into the Hilbert Fund, which benefits student scholarships, classroom resources and technology, athletics, and student activity programs.

When alumni give back, a stronger legacy is developed and value is added to your Hilbert College degree.

Did you know that the alumni giving rate helps garner support from foundations and corporate sponsorships? These relationships are key in ensuring that Hilbert College can continue to offer high-quality education that prepares students to build successful lives post-graduation.