The Hilbert Fund

The Hilbert Fund ensures a quality and transformative college education for our students by providing financial assistance through scholarships, academic and athletic programming excellence as well as resources for students to make the most of their college experience and build for themselves the best possible future.  Whether you are a parent, friend, alumnus, staff or faculty member, your gift to the Hilbert Fund assures livelihood of Hilbert College’s mission and our Franciscan values for our students.

These are the current funding priorities where you can designate your gift within the Hilbert Fund:


Hilbert Opportunities Scholarship Program:

Hilbert Opportunities Scholarship Program (HOSP) benefits first-generation and economically disadvantaged students.  Currently, 50% of Hilbert students are Pell Grant eligible and 87% qualify for financial assistance. HOSP helps make college affordable for these students and also lessens the burden of student loan debt once they graduate.

General Scholarship Fund: 

Our general scholarship fund helps supports students with the financial need of a higher education.  While they may not be economically disadvantaged, their skills and talents have earned them award of scholarship to reduce their tuition and student loan burden.

Hilbert Hawks Club (Athletics):

The Hilbert Hawks are members of the NCAA III Division, the Allegheny Mountain Collegiate Conference, North Eastern Athletic Conference, and United Volleyball Conference.  With 13 sports teams, Hilbert offers students the chance to grow as teammates and athletes, which allows them to have a deeper enjoyment in their collegiate career.

Campus Ministry & Mission Integration:

Our Campus Ministry and Mission Integration office works to enlighten our students on a spiritual level.  Through the values of St. Francis of Assisi, our students are given the chance to explore their faith and a deeper dimension of their education.  Designating your gift to “Campus Ministry & Mission Integration” will allow students to continue to explore the Catholic Franciscan elements of Hilbert College.

Hafner Veterans Center:

Hilbert College has been the starting point for many veterans to receive a college degree.  Our Veterans Center was created to give our student veterans the social and educational elements of a quality higher education.  Designating your gift to the Veterans Center allows our bravest men and women who have put their lives on the line for our freedom, the chance to explore their education during and after their years of service.

McGrath Library:

The McGrath Library is one of the best academic resource hubs for our students.  With over 50,000 electronic journals, 36,500 books, 1,300 videos and DVDs, our students our given the best tools for their learning experience.  Not to mention, the Library Law Collection is one of largest academic law collections open to the general public in Western New York!


Designating your gift as unrestricted allows your gift to be used at the discretion of the college, but most importantly where it is needed most urgently.